Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

The OHSMS standards prescribe a strategic approach to deploying health and safety programs across our organization. The program is a systems-based approach designed around the Plan-Do-Check-Act model. The overall objectives of the OSHMS are:

  • Establish policies and procedures governance
  • Implement procedures, processes, and job instruction
  • Review and audit for operational effectiveness and performance
  • Management support for implementing corrective actions for continuous improvement

Environmental Management Systems

The EMS describes the methodology utilized to achieve Denbury’s environmental targets and goals, while formulating a road map to existing Denbury programs and procedures.  Furthermore, the EMS establishes appropriate responsibilities and guidance for continual program improvements.  The overall objectives of the EMS are:

  • Capture strategies employed to incorporate business management principles with environmental awareness
  • Provide documentation basis required for a functioning EMS program
  • Identify targets/goals and corresponding rating system to facilitate continuous improvement
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